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Phoenix ranks as one of the most post-Christian and least biblically literate cities in America.

At a time in American culture when moral relativism is rampant, the need for a ferocious commitment to unleash the authority of God’s Word through powerful and practical preaching is needed more than ever to reach this generation for Christ!

The Unleashed Event started as a conversation in 2017 between church planter, Pastor Ryan Rice and other local pastors and ministry leaders. A partnership with Phoenix Seminary and other churches soon formed to present this special event to equip and encourage thinkers, speakers, educators, pastors and ministry leaders to unleash God’s Word!

At this event you will hear from local and national leaders about how preaching God’s Word has expanded the Kingdom of God from generation to generation and how churches that commit to communicating the timeless truths of Scripture are thriving in the midst of troubled times.

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